Are you fed up with frequent drain clogging and sluggish septic tank systems? Why not hire an expert drain cleaning contractor to clean your drains and sewers. Let the experts at Clogbusters take care of your drains and septic tanks. We serve the residential, industrial and commercial clients of Carteret, Craven, Jones, Onslow and Pamlico counties of North Carolina 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Clogbusters is the first sewer and drain cleaning company in the area. Established in 1988, we have earned the reputation for being the best. Drain fields are our specialty.
We use a high pressure water jetter to clean your lines from your distribution box. Maintenance is required on your drain field, just like changing oil in your car. If you have hair roots, sand, sludge, grease, items that don’t disintegrate, (baby wipes, feminine products, safe sex products), we use our high pressure water jetter to clean your lines, and pull these back to the d-box and take them out from there. Once your lines get sluggish, your septic system starts to back up. We rejuvenate the lines back to the original design. Clogbusters have saved a lot of systems, and have saved the owners a lot of money by having kept the owners from replacing their fields. We have a 99% success rate, because we will walk away from doing a drain field if it won’t improve your system.
We are certified by the state of N.C. to do ‘point of sale’ inspections. We are certified to be operators for lp systems.

We also clean main lines. We have cameras and can video tape lines to pinpoint problem areas. We have locators to find underground sewer lines.

We service Carteret, Craven, Onslow, Pamlico, and Jones Counties.

Please see our Suggestions for extending the life of your drain field on our services page!


We use top-notch equipment and our more than two decades of experience in drain and sewer cleaning services. Our inspection team uses video cameras and locating devices to detect the faults in drains and plumbing systems.


Let our sewer experts offer you an affordable solution to clean your drains. Call us for detailed information.